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CH5 Chaos Sorcerors


Jes Goodwin / Bob Naismith







For me the range that made the GW stuff stand out from the crowd, a bunch of completely bonkers sculpts by Jes. They were originally released with the Chaos Familiars.
They were released in 2 batches of 12 each in January and April 1987. Two further variants were released in the Collector's Series as 1213 Evil Chaos Wizards. These were head swaps of the existing models, Azoth Soulflay and Amon Duul. Varn-Agtk the Pestilant was replaced in the 1991 red catalogue by Varna'Gth the Pestilant, another version of Azoth Soulflay. Two further versions of Azoth Soulflay and Amon Duul are also known, making a total of 29 models.
4 of them made it to the 2010 catalogue as Classic Sorcerors, Stabb, Huth'nke, Shreve and Sli'ith.
The names of several of them varied slightly over the years, a space here and a dropped letter there.

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