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C06 Dwarf Adventurers - 1983

The C06 Dwarf Adventurers range was announced on the March 1983 Clerics and Dwarfs flyer.Compendium One (Autumn 1983) shows 40 C06 sculpts. A couple of pieces missed out from Compendium One are also shown below. I have used the names shown on the 1987 Original Dwarfs flyer, as it makes them easier to identify.

The range was announced as:

C06/1 Dwarf Fighters
C06/1a Dwarf Hero (FA29v2)
C06/1b Dwarf with Two-handed Hammer (FA15v2)
C06/1c Dwarf in Plate Armour with Halberd (FS53v3)
C06/1d Dwarf Attacking with Hammer
C06/1e Female Dwarf Adventurer
C06/2 Dwarf Adventurers
C06/2a Dwarf Cleric (FS54v2)
C06/2b Dwarf Thief with Short Sword
C06/2c Dwarf Thief with Broad Sword
C06/2d Female Dwarf Thief
C06/2e Dwarf Assassin

4 reused F series sculpts, and 6 new ones, a total of 10. Unfortunately the order form shows drawings of 14 dwarfs, the flyer 1, and WD39 another 4. That makes 19 new models for 6 codes, and makes it very difficult to determine which code went with which figure!


The Perrys / Bryan Ansell


Andy Mott / Richard Facey / Faron Betchley / Andrew Dunnam

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