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The Steam Tanks

Amongst the madder pieces of equipment available to the Empire general, I'm particularly fond of the wackier variants that were released in 2001. The Warhammer Forge Marienburg Landship is included for good measure, but it'll be a while before I find a big enoush space in the studio to take a group shot!
The classic Steam Tank, designed by Norman Swales, was released in WD151, July 1992, which stated that only 8 survived of the 12 originally built, but where is the fun in that?
The 6th edition replacement, by Tim Adcock, was released in White 262, October 2001, with 4 "official" mail order only variants: Implacable, Old Reliable, Sigmar's Hammer and the Von Zeppel. These were elaborated on in WD 263, and another variant was added, Deliverance, which was not a formal kit, but a customization.
The plastic version, by Colin Grayson, was released in WD 254, June 2009, and the kit has many optional parts, but none as fun as the previous ones.
Finally I'm working on a couple of extras, because...



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