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Early Giants: Minifigs, Ral Partha, Asgard, Oracle and more

Most of my favourite early Giants were sculpted in the seventies (or early eighties) by Tom Meier for Ral Partha, this is a partial selection. Most were from the period when Citadel were producing them under license in the UK, and are part of the Ral Partha ES/01 "Personalities and Things that go Bump in the Night" range.

The raised club version of the 01-121 Hill Giant does not appear in any Ral Partha catalog but is shown in the RP section of Citadel's Compendium One, as the lowered club one appeared in the 1984 RP catalog, it may not have been around for long. The 01-118 Werebear in Manform is shown as a Giant in Compendium One. See also the section on the 01-099 Armoured Giant riding on War Elephant variants.

The Minifigs Mythical Earth guy is here because he doesn't fit anywhere else (yet!)

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