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Night Horrors - January 1988 Release

31 Night Horrors in this release, all of which were included in the 1989 catalogue, but a lot of which didn't make the 1991 one. Several are head swaps of the earlier set.
Skull Demon, Chaos Hag, Axeman, Hunchback, Kwasimodo, The Flyman, Emerging Zombie, Man in Flames, Death Spirit, Talbut the Wolfman, Dibuk, and Corpse were dropped between the 1989 and 1991 catalogues and are therefore rarer than the others which were produced until the demise of metal bits at GW.


Aly & Trish Morrison / Jes Goodwin / Alan & Michael Perry / Bob Naismith / Kev Adams


Rochie Rochfort / Dale Hurst / Kep Pump / Unknown

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