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Early Ogres

Ogres took off slowly in the Citadel ranges, the Fiend Factory FF5 was the only one (excluding the much smaller RQ Ogre), until a flood of Ogres (the C27 Slave Ogre, the Collectable Counter Ogre, the first 6 N14 Ogres and the RR8 Golgfag's Ogres) were released in August 1984. In Compendendium One the numbers were made up with Runequest Trolls!
FF53 Ogre, Runequest Ogre with Whip, C27 Slave Ogre & Half-Orc Handlers, Collectable Counter Ogre




Richard Facey / Richard Abbott / Doug Wright / Faron Betchley


August 1980 / July 1982 / August 1984 / August 1984

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