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Death on The Reik

Part 3 of the series. There are many missing miniatures for the characters in the book, so I've taken a couple of liberties with a couple: Dumpling Hayfoot and Georg Hegel. Unfortunately Renata, Magritte and Corrobeth look nothing like the pictures in the book.

Aynjulls Isembard, Vorster, the Beggars of Wittgendorf, the Beastmen Mutants, the Birdfolk, Hieronymus Blitzen, Hans-Peter Schiller, Brunnhilde Gratten, Brutagh, the Purple Hand Cultists, Durak Dimholt, Elvyra Kleinestun, Ernst Heidelmann, Fritz Carhingar, the Ghoulish villagers, the 2 sets of Wittgenstein servants, Baroness Ingrid, Kurt Kutzman, Kurt Von Wittgenstein, Lisa Sauber, Luigi Belladonna, Herbert Marcuse, Dr Maxmillian Schnippmesser, and Jean Rousseau never got sculpted!

Having started on Halflings they seem to have taken hold and more are joining Sigrid in every batch.

Painted by Adam Skinner except for the second version of Gorim which is by Andy Mott (Gorim) and the Giant Beastman Minotaur by Unknown.

Images ©The Stuff of Legends, may not be copied without permission

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