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Prince Donalbane & the Clan McCoughlagan

Another couple of cases of mistaken identities, the miniature of Donalbane (Eric Sharp Sword, aka Weirdling Warrior Lord) a C01 Fighter from January 1986 in the set is not very like the token in the box. I prefer the F1 Lord of Battle "Wilhelm" from December 1986, so a few months later than McDeath. There is no miniature for Boney Prince Charley, this one, a C18 Undead Ghoul, looks close enough to the token art.

Dokko McCoughlagan, Prince Donalbane (alternative version,) Donalbane (flyer version,) Boney Prince Charley (alternate version,) Mergrey Calchoner


Paul Cubbin / Rochie Rochfort (Charley)

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