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FTS: Fantasy Tribe Skeletons

The initial release of FTS1-15 was announced in White Dwarf 29 (February 1982). Two of the range, FTS2 Skeleton attacking with Scimitar and FTS10 Skeleton hacking with Sword, were also used in the first version of the Dungeon Starter Set.
FTS16-18 were released in June 1982, but no others are shown in the FTS range in the UK (or by RAFM), before they were moved to the C17 code in early 1983.
FTS19-25 are shown below as they were listed in the 1984 Ral Partha Imports Catalog. These pieces were in the C17, C22 and C21 ranges in the UK version of Compendium One.
FTS 21 and 22 were announced in the 1983 Citadel Miniatures US catalog and in the 1983 Armory Catalog as Skeleton Warrior and Skeleton Rider on Hell Horse, but are not pictured in either (FF66 is not listed in the Citadel US Catalog.) In the UK the FTS21 Skeleton Warrior was initially part of the second version of the Dungeon Monsters Starter Set.


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