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Runequest Trolls

Trolls were released in the Runequest range as both characters and "monsters". Box 2 contained two character Trolls, a Kyger Litor Troll Adventurer and a Zorak Zoran Troll Adventurer. Box 3 (v1) consisted of Trolls and Trollkin. These were later available through Trollkin Forge in the US.
Tusk Rider with Spear on Tusker, Trollkin with Light Mace, Great Troll with Poleaxe, Trollkin with War Hammer, Mistress Race Troll with Broadsword, Dark Troll with Large Axe, Cave Troll with Club, Trollkin with Sling, Kyger Litor Troll Adventurer, Trollkin with Spear, Zorak Zoran Troll Adventurer


The Perrys


Richard Abbott


June 1982

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