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Early Limited Edition Trolls

Leaping Slomm / C27 Chaos Troll, Fergus the Psychotic Troll, Collectable Counters Troll
Slomm was featured in the Mark of Chaos article in 1983's Compendium One, and was later added to the C27 Chaos Creatures as a C27 Chaos troll. there was an earlier version in the same crouching pose shown in the article, but it was damaged in the mold creation process and was remodelled to be easier to cast.
Fergus was initially a give-away with orders of over 5 pound from mail order, but has also been seen in the early Citadel limited edition of 100 baggie.
The Collectable Counters Troll was available as part of the Collectable Counters promotion in 1984.

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